Top WordPress Plugins to Enhance the Quality of WordPress Websites


Every 9 out of 10 bloggers in the world like to use WordPress that is a free and open source blogging tool. Everyone needs plugins for the best open-source blogging platform.Today, more than 1 million websites are on WordPress. The tool is most popular among non-tech savvy bloggers as it is the easiest Content Management System (CMS). Often, having the right plugins can help you get a lot more out of the best blogging platform on the internet. There are many top features of WordPress that give freedom to bloggers to personalize their websites such as themes, plugins, widgets, mobiles, multi-user and multi-blogging. This is why we have complied the must have plugins for WordPress so your blogging can go smoothly.

Plugins seem like an ornament for a WordPress website that allow users to extend its abilities beyond the core functionality. You will be amazed to know that WordPress has a collection of over 38, 000 plugins. Every year new plugins are added to give bloggers more freedom to decorate their website in the way they would like to. In this hub, you are going to know about the top plugins for your website to enhance its quality.

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20 Of The Best One-Page WordPress Themes – 2015

In 2015 One page WordPress themes are very popular and trendy that are using  to create a landing page for conversion or a small web business blog or site that simply needs an online touch point. Or, you can also use them to create a single information page site for your main product or service you’re selling, without any unnecessary clutter.

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20 Best WordPress ‘Coming Soon’ Themes Under $8

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How To Choose The Best WordPress Theme?

If you are fresh to WordPress and searching for reasons to use WordPress as a CMS (website cms) in your new website, allow me to provide you with some more info.

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Twitter Designs: 5 Excellent Ways to Use Twitter as a Designer

A wonderful microblogging platform, Twitter currently ranks at #8 in the US, as ranked by Alexa. And it’s the 9th most popular site in the entire world ranked by the same web information company. Anyone that doesn’t use Twitter today must be living on the Mars. Like everyone else is busy making the most of their tweets, designers too need to use the social networking website to their benefits. Continue Reading